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Dear Saphira Forums RPers,
As all of you who currently role-players have noticed, we now have very, very few of you, and as a result, very few active role-plays. That means, that if you are in three role-plays, and you just dissapear for a few weeks, our three active role-plays will probably stop because they're waiting on you. I understand that everyone can't be on these forums every day; that's not a problem. But when people are enjoying an RP, then suddenly they find themselves checking back excitedly every day, then sighing and moving on because the storlying can't progress without you. . . That is a problem. So as of now, anyone who hasn't posted in a role-play that is waiting on them will be "godmodded" untill they can step out of the storyline without ruining it. Obvious exceptions are RPs that only a few people are participating in, or RPs where your just standing around waiting for an opening (like the arena's stands). The line will normally be nine days, though I will post in some threads that are more active and make it shorter. On the tenth day, I personally, or someone that I feel capable will use your character for you, in the way we think you would, untill you are no longer essential to the storyline. I understand that this may cause controversy, but so does waiting over a week to post in a game. We're losing role-players as it is, and the fact that many have nothing to do because they're waiting for others isn't helping. You want to know how to stop this? It's very simple:

A good role-player wrote:
OOC: Sorry guys, I need to go for a few days, but I'll be back on Monday. Sorry!

Or if you're in a fast-paced RP with lots of people,

A better role-player wrote:
OOC: Hey guys, my grandmother just died a few states away and I'll be gone a few weeks untill things get settled. Hey [Trusted Person], if it gets too boring around here you can move me, you know what I'd do.

You don't even have to ask someone else to play you. The point is, if we know that you haven't just left us, and that you're coming back, we won't godmod you. But I can't ask the rest of the RPG to stop and wait for you.

Thank you for your understanding

The Mourning Sage.
The master of tpyos.

April 29th, 2007, 1:02 am
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