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 Explaination of RPG. 
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Post Explaination of RPG.
I've been getting a few PM's about wanting to know how to Role-play, so I've devised this little thread in order to help you on things that may be a bit Fuzzy. If there is something here that is not explained too well or you don't understand PM me and I'll edit this post accordingly.

First and foremost, it is a great big help if you Read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr and learn how Christopher Paolini writes his books. Most of the people on this forum Role-Play using the already established rules and guidelines from the books. This is a really good starting point for most new-comers if you haven't RP'ed before.

The first thing you should notice is that the entire story is written in third person perspective, by which I mean that is written as if someone saw these events and was explaining it to somebody else. This is different to first person perspective, which is as if the story is being told to another by the main character. Here are a few examples of each, but the one that is used by this site is Third Person Perspective so try to make sure that your post looks more like the first example than the second.

Third Person Perspective: Keralin was frightened by the Shades coming towards him as he had not tested his finesse against so strong an opponent, but he knew he had to show no fear otherwise he would die there.

First Person Perspective: I was frighened by the Shades coming towards me as I had not tested my finesse against so strong an opponent, but I know I had to show no fear otherwise I would die there.

You should also notice that all the thoughts and conversations within the minds of the characters are in Italics. This can be used to explain how your character thinks and also what leads them to act the way they are. Also if you want you can type what you character is feeling for those other characters who can detect your emotions. If you need to you can just say their emotions were displayed by how your character's body actions were.

On this site almost all of our threads develop an order of whom goes after whom. This is simply to ensure that all players within the thread are allowed to react to a certain situation before continuing and also to reply to any questions before posting again.
Exception: There are a few times where you have to reply instantly to a situation. You may post before your turn as long as it is alright with the other players in the thread.

The rest of the rules are already explained in a previous post. There are some rules that can be bent, but do try to keep them in mind when posting. Again, if you need more explaination PM me.

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