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 Roleplaying Advice/Guidelines. 
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Post Roleplaying Advice/Guidelines.
I have been noticing many things in the RP section now a days that seem rather questionable. (Some even from myself.)

As time presses on and we continue to wait for the final book, people are growing distant to the foundations the books have set for us. Now I'm not saying that you should limit yourself, however I'm seeing alot of characters that tend to be "overpowered." (This includes myself I suppose.)
Once a person sees a strong aspect of another person's character, they get inspired to make something even stronger or something that easily counters it. Thus it turns into a cycle of an arrogance competition.

At times it can be difficult to find inspiration for making a character. It eventually gets to the point where people get ideas to get backgrounds that seem extreme or things that dont even relate to Alagaesia at all.

I'm not trying to put anyone down here, I am just giving my viewpoint. So if you are new here or at least making a new character, try to keep things reasonable.
My point is, try to moderate yourself. The oldest dragon alive doesnt mean it's the strongest. The largest dragon doesnt mean it's the best. Dont make things difficult for other RPers. No one is invincible and we shouldnt think that way.

I have been here a while and after seeing my old posts again, most of the time I want to rewrite them because alot of them seem odd.
In the end all I'm saying is just consider what you're writing and avoid posting things that could lead to arguements or petty differences.

So remember, you can go simple and have a great time, make friends, create stories that you remember and all that fun stuff.

My advice to you all is this:
When starting a new topic, start with simple posts. It doesnt have to be a battle or display of power everytime.
When looking for inspiration for topics or characters, go back to the books. Or look at older posts that has a good story and plenty of posts.
Maintain only a few of topics, if you start too many or in too many, you tend to forget the older ones and are often forgotten. Not to mention you will be drained quickly of your ideas.
When roleplaying, dont always make things about yourself and try to always out beat everyone else. This could lead to difficulties and make people not want to continue. You can take a hit everynow and then.
Things dont have to be always to the extreme, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I hope this was helpful to you guys. We are family at SF, so let's act like it and have fun eh?


May 3rd, 2009, 2:05 pm
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RPG Team Head
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Post Re: Roleplaying Advice/Guidelines.
That was a very inciteful post, Daidrea, I'm sure quite a few people will benefit from it. I've always tried to give my characters plenty of weaknesses to go along with their strength, even if it doesn't always show.

On that note, I'd like to add that when you think up your charry, don't just think up powers and abilities. Think of weaknesses as well. You don't have to mention them to other people, but make sure you have some. Strong weaknesses can balance out strong powers, if you use them correctly.

Again, thank you for raising this point, Daidrea. :)



And I'm watching out for your charries, ILS.

May 4th, 2009, 1:34 am
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Post Re: Roleplaying Advice/Guidelines.
I'll add to that and I'm sure other people will agree. If you have a problem with someone's character and think it is too powerful, mention it to them, through a PM would be the best way, they may not like, I don't, but I still take what they've told me and think about, then I'll write back and tell them that I changed it, or have them explain why they think it is to powerful and make my decision from there, and you DON'T HAVE TO change it. This is a good way to solve it, as long as a major argument doesn't break out.

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May 4th, 2009, 4:28 am
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Post Re: Roleplaying Advice/Guidelines.
I do agree with this post as well. After reading I am realizing that some of my characters have been staying to the points that were listed. Not to mention that you have opened my eyes to my writing style. Anyway, Thank you for posting this Daidrea and I hope that others can also bring some insight into the world of Role Playing here on SF.

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May 4th, 2009, 9:34 am
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