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 The Ancient Language 
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Post The Ancient Language
I thought this would help by posting it, so that people dont have to go back into the books and look them up. If you have something to add, PM me and I'll add it. Note I didnt add ones that had specific book characters in the please dont send me those ones. Thank you, and I hope this will be a good reference. Also if you are looking for words that are not in the books, you may have to create them yourself.

adurna- water
Agaeti Blodhren- Blood-oath Celebration
Aiedail- The Morning Star
Argetlam- Silver Hand
Atra esterni on thelduin/Mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr/Un du evarinya ono varda.- May good fortune rule over you/Peace live in your heart/And the stars watch over you.
Atra nosu waise vardo fra eld hornya- Let us be warded from listeners.
Bjartskular- Brightscales
blothr- halt; stop
brisingr- fire
Dagshelgr- Hallowed Day
draumr kopa- dream stare
Du Fells Nangoroth- The Blasted Mountains
Du Fyrn Skulblaka- The Dragon Wars
Du Vollar Eldrvarya- The Burning Plains
Du Vrangr Gata- The Wandering Path
Du Weldenvarden- The Guarding Forest
dvergar- dwarves
ebrithil- master
edur- a tor or prominence
Eka fricai un Shur'tugal- I am a Rider and friend.
elda- a gender-neutral honorific of great praise
fairth- picture taken by magical means
finiarel- an honorific for a young man of great promise
ganga aptr- to go backward
ganga fram- to go forward
gedwey ignasia- shining palm
Helgrind- The Gates of Death
hlaupa- run
hljodhr- silent
jierda- break; hit
kodthr- catch
Kvetha Fricai- Greetings Friend
letta- stop
malthinae- to bind or hold in place; confine
Osthato Chetowa- The Mourning Sage
Reisa du adurna- Rase/Lift the water
risa- rise
Se mor'ranr ono finna- May you find peace.
Se onr sverdar sitja hvass- May your swords stay sharp.
skolir- shield
skoliro- shielded
skulblaka- dragon
svit-kona- a formal honorific for an elf woman of great wisdom
thrysta- thrust; compress
Varden- the warders
Vel einradhin iet ai Shur'tugal- Upon my word as a Rider
Vinr Alfakyn- Elf Friend
vodhr- a male honorific of middling praise
vor- a male honorific for a close friend
Waise heill- Be healed.
Wiol ono- For you.
wyrda- fate
Wyrdfell- Forsworn
yawe- bond of trust
zar'roc- misery


May 15th, 2009, 7:21 pm
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Post Re: The Ancient Language
Hey, have you seen Shur'tugal? This can give you a lot of words:

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May 16th, 2009, 12:21 am
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Post Re: The Ancient Language
This is what I use for the Ancient Language. I'm pretty sure it contains a complete list of every word known to everyone else besides CP.

Ancient Language Dictionary Type-Thing

Good: Kit & Shyara's Bio; Shyra & Ecivres's Bio; Elika & Bastila's Bio(Destiny's Line); Ramoth's Bio; Kaileena's Bio; Anthony's Bio!! Bad: Arkel's Bio; Void's Bio!! Neither: Mia's Bio
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May 18th, 2009, 3:10 pm
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Post Re: The Ancient Language
I found this one on google it gives words that arent in the books but still in the AL. I dont think i can give you a link but this is it.
plus it gives the history of the AL and how to construct sentenses.

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August 1st, 2009, 3:46 pm
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