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Post Negotiations
Zantya looked around her in awe, the Varden's city quite a feat for the world they lived in, though the Dwarves played a large role in it's mechanics. People pushed by her and life went on. She giggled as she reveled in being a meat speck on God's map. She hopped from one booth to the next with joy in her heart, smiling at the trinkets, and wares to be held. One particular booth was selling delicious foods, and couldn't resist purchasing a meat pie and some fruit.

She didn't forget her reason for visiting the Varden though. It seemed impossible to forget. She was here as a representative of the Dragon Fortress/Horde/Mountain or whichever you preferred. Nasuda(sp?) had called for aide in their fight against Galbatorix from the wild dragons, and since she and a few othe riders were available they came in the dragons' stead. The leader of their group, Reb, was solemn. Zantya sighed. Sheremembered when they had been merged that Reb had been carefree but afterthe split, Zantya had been freed, leaving Reb an evil legacy. Now the beautiful, almost regal rider was cold and distant. Zantya shook her head and decided to return to the room they shared, her joy suddenly gone.

Reb looked up at the ceiling as she lay on her back. The upcoming meeting weighting heavily on her mind. Yes Nasuda needed their help, but the dragons weren't particularly allies to the Varden. Reb would hear outthe reasons presented a the counsel but ultimately it was Star's descision.

Reb sat up and let her head fall into her hands. She didn't want Galby to win but her gut told her that siding with Varden would spell doom for them all. She groaned and plopped bac down on her back. The time for action against the king was at hand, but Reb felt no good would come from te alliance. A knock on the door a short sentence had Reb sitting upright. It was time. She walked to the wardrobe and got dressed in a fitted, silk gown that split in the front at the knees, and flared out the back. The color black as night. She then donned a purple jeweled choker necklace, and a purple metal arm band. The band was a carving of a dragon, made to look like it wa winding itself around her arm. She le her hair flow behind her, and placed a small tiara encrusted with purple stones on her head. Finally she donned a pair of sandals.

She wasn't going for a royal impression, rather one that meant business. Nasuda may rule here but Reb was the rider of a dragon Queen. Let the negotiations begin. Reb exited the room and ran into Zantya. "it's time." was all se sId before walking off.

August 8th, 2011, 4:10 am
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