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 In Finding Friendship 
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Post In Finding Friendship
Ronin shuddered from the cold. He moved closer to the measly fire that was barely flickering in its waning existence. He was far enough off the road that the occasional patrol couldn't see him, but a watchful eye could see the dramatic wave and flicker of the dying embers before him. He kept his every sense active, expecting an attack of some sort.
He sat back and sighed. How did it come to this? Why did it seem like Alagaesia itself wanted him dead? Ronin didn't know the answers to the questions. It was hurting his head to think about them. He shrugged and tossed a couple of sticks onto the fire.
The night was clear and calm, making him feel even colder. First snow wasn't far off, and Ronin was hoping he could find some hole to crawl into before it hit, or this winter would be as bad as the one a couple years back...Ronin shook his head to clear it of the memories. Reliving a bad experience now would only make it harder to survive the coming winter if he wasn't careful.
At that moment, a very distinct crack! could be heard, not far off. Ronin shot to his feet and turned his back to the fire, gripping his sword and stepping into his stance. He was ready to fight whoever approached...and then he got an idea. Softly, quietly, Ronin moved away from the fire. He climbed into a nearby tree, sure that he was concealed by the dark and the branches, and watched the fire. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but he wanted to meet the man with sharp enough eyes to see the flickering of his fire from the road.

OOC: it's been a while. I'm a little rusty and this post is probably REALLY short. sorry.

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November 7th, 2011, 5:54 am
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Post Re: In Finding Friendship
Arka shuffled down the road near silently, his watchful eyes glancing around avidly. He glanced once again at his job request, but it was difficult to read in the surrounding twilight. Then, a sudden flicker of light, so sudden and quick that most would have missed it. But Arka hadn't. A small breeze picked up, and Arka gently unclenched his fist, which had been wrapped around his job request. The wind caressed the paper and carried the wrinkled thing away. Arka slowly walked until he stood in front of the flames of a dying fire (unknowingly snapping a twig on the way). Embers flickered, and when they did, his face was illuminated by the bright but brief light.

The flame was dying, but Arka knew that someone had been here very recently. His keen smell picked up a scent, almost masked by the fire, but definitely still there. Knowing now that he wasn't alone, Arka drew his broadsword with his only arm. The small light left by the fire gleamed off of his blade, and Arka stared at his weapon curiously as if something about it had entranced him. He glanced at a nearby tree then, inspecting it closely. Then, suddenly, he said, I know you're there. He glanced straight at a nearby tree. He hadn't found the man through his own methods; no, it was merely by accident. The not-so abundant light created by the fire that had gleamed off of his blade, reflected a small ray towards the tree. In it, Arka had seen flesh. Come out, I don't plan to harm you unless you have a plan to do so to me Arka added.


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November 9th, 2011, 12:39 am
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