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 Forgotten Memories 
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Post Forgotten Memories
Mountains as far as the eyes could see. Many had no idea what lay in their vast expanses, not even the dwarves fully understood, few venturing as far as he dared, but it was for a cause many saw as lost, a cause few today remembered. Since that one day so long ago, he had a calling, to reform a land long lost to the jaws of history.

Equinox swooped down toward a rare break in the mountains. He landed next to the remains of a long gone shrine to the ancient god of the lighting dragons. It was now unrecognizable, but he knew what it had once been. He glanced up as a snowflake struck his eye. It was getting late. He’d sleep for the night. He curled up outside of the shrine, sleep about to over taken him when he heard crunching snow.

"I thought I'd find you here, Equinox."

The green dragon looked over to see his longtime friend, Eris approach him. How did you know I would be here?

"The alfin told me, they want me to help you, and I knew you'd need company."

This is something I must do alone.

Eris cast a doubting gaze on him. "You always say that. Now let me join you, you don't have a choice."

Equinox sighed though said with a happy growl It'd nice to see you again, my friend.

Eris took out his supplies as Equinox made himself ready to sleep, even being kind enough to remove the layers of snow where Eris took out his tent. It had been a long trek here, but he knew what the alfin said. Equinox would need help, dangerous would be lurking from unlikely sources and all that nonsense which always had a habit of becoming true. Oh well, he had at least managed to find Equinox in the vast array of snow, rocks, and dangerous creatures.

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