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 Has anyone read the Dragons in our Midst series? 
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Post Re: Has anyone read the Dragons in our Midst series?
So my mom recently started watching this cooking show on tv, and I have to say, it's all very good. :D My mom made one of the recipes a couple nights ago, all I have to say is: OM-G!!!!

Go to: and look up: chicken chili. Your life will be forever changed.

Back to topic :D: I just realized that I've seen the first of these books at Half-Price Books. It was a couple of years ago though, so I doubt they still have it. :( They only had one copy. I was looking it up online last night and I saw some cover art connected to it that I recognized. So I clicked on it, and now I feel like a doofus, lol. :)

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Post Re: Has anyone read the Dragons in our Midst series?
That would be great. i want to reread the books, even though people told me what happened at the end before I got to finish it... *grumbles*

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