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Post Zar'rac
A General of Crugan's army and one of his most powerful/loyal subordinates, Zar'rac.

Name: Zar'rac

Age: 642

Gender: Male


Shadow Transportation: If there is a shadow around, he can sink himself into that shadow and hide there for as long as he wants to, and while he cannot attack when like this, he cannot be attacked either. He can also transport from shadow to shadow, but this requires a large amount of energy, similar to teleportation. He can hide in his own shadow if he so wishes, but the human form of a shadow will still be on the ground.

Mind Hiding: He can shroud his mind in a blanket of shadow, hiding it from any attacker or sensor. He can shroud his mind for a maximum of fifteen minutes before being forced to take away the shroud, and similar to the ability above, he cannot attack someone else's mind while shrouding his own.

Shadow Manipulation: He can manipulate shadows to attack people. The shadows themselves can be as blunt as a mace or as sharp as a sword, and he can also manipulate shadows to shroud his entire body in a shadow, giving him maximum protection, but this uses energy, and if there aren't any shadows around, then he cannot accomplish this.

Shadow Strangle: He can use a shadow to even strangle someone or compress their body. This ability is quite useful, but can not nullified by any form of light generated by the victim that comes into contact with the shadow, such as fire, light, or even water reflecting sunlight.

Shadow Silhouette: He usually only does this when in a fight with someone powerful. He has mastered the Magic of Shadow, and can change himself into a black silhouette of a person, but he can morph himself into anything, or even shrink himself into a puddle of black and form into a blade from there, attacking form the ground. The possibilities are endless, but in this form, he cannot use magic.

Insanity Magic: A magic Zar'rac himself developed. When utilized, this magic will drive Zar'rac over the brink of insanity and make him completely insane for the time being. His physical power and speed doesn't change much when in this form, but he has a seemingly endless endurance and durability. Injuries and pain that would drive a dragon to the ground hardly affect him in this state. However, it leaves him near incapacitated for a few days afterwards.

Race: Shade

Eyes: A merciless gray.

Hair: Silver and spiky, reaching to his shoulders.

Home City: Forgotten

Parents: Forgotten.

Siblings: Forgotten.

Personality: Almost, if not just as vile as Crugan. If there is any hesitation in Crugan's army, Zar'rac deals with it, usually murdering the one showing hesitation. He is loyal only to Crugan and Freohr, and considers Crugan above himself (which he is) and considers Freohr an equal. He enjoys manipulation almost as much as Crugan, but isn't as skilled with it as Crugan is, so the manipulation itself is usually just left to Crugan. Zar'rac believes that since he is a Shade, it is fit that he have control of shadows, and thus is very skilled in the controlling of them. He doesn't dislike humans as much as he does Elves and dragons, but still doesn't like them at all. He believes that the top of the world holds only several seats. One for Crugan, one for himself, one
for Freohr, and one for whatever leader helped them along the way, unless they were an Elf, dragon, or human, that is. He cares little for his past before he met Crugan, and thus has forgotten everything about his family and home village as he cares not about those details. They haven't helped him to who he is now, so he couldn't care less about them. He wants to take over the world, sharing the same goal Crugan does, and wants all Elves, humans, and dragons to be enslaved, and for any resistance to either me mercilessly murdered or turned towards the winning side. He hates those who are weak, which is why he hates hesitation. Where most
would hesitate in the slaughter of a child, he would rather train the child, and if the child proved useless, kill the boy where he stood.

History: Zar'rac is the more insane one of the trio, and this is mainly from the power he holds. While he isn't as strong as Crugan, Zar'rac has always been searching for more power, and this is what led him to become a Shade. It started when he was eighteen. He had been dueling an elf in sword combat, but every single time, Shane (this had been his name back then) had been knocked to his butt by the Elf's superior strength and skill, and every single time he had to listen to the Elf's gloating on how Elves were the strongest of all races, sitting right next to dragons.
Loathing had built up in Shane, and every day, he tried to become stronger, but many had told him that Elves were born with talent, and it was impossible for a mere human to catch up with them. He had heard all of that useless criticism, but one day, he learned something that had peaked his interests. The strength of a Shade...

He began training in magic and summoning spirits whenever he could. By now, his eagerness for power was already beginning to corrupt him, and he wasn't sure for how much longer he could withstand the Elf's gloating. One day, it had finally payed off. He managed to summon a powerful and evil spirit, one who immediately seized the chance to take over Shane. From there, Shane was no more, and he was now known as Gerund. The next day, Gerund challenged that Elf once more. The Elf had realized that something was wrong almost immediately, but in that split second, Gerund had disarmed the Elf, Gerund's blade pointing to his neck. "Ok, you got me," the Elf had said angrily and went to push Gerund's blade out of the way, but Gerund had lunged forward, his blade piercing the Elf's neck. A crowd had gathered at the unruly sight, and Gerund let loose a wild laugh before teleporting out of the area.

He remained in hiding until he met Crugan. Thinking the man might be an enemy, Gerund attacked Crugan, but the battle was short-lived with Gerund's loss. Entranced in Crugan's power, Gerund joined him, and they continued to search for a third ally, and they eventually found Oblete. With the trio gathered, Crugan renamed Gerund as Zar'rac and Oblete as Freohr, and they began building the army. They quickly conquered Friore and the trio made their way to Alagaesia to scout the land.

Weapons: He carries a large, black, two-handed sword that is sheathed on his back, and multiple throwing knives.

Likes: His army, conquest, destruction.

Dislikes: Humans, dragons, Elves, resisters, those who hesitate.

Weakness/Fears: That someone will come along who is strong enough to defeat Crugan, which would practically ruin the entire plan.

Animal Companions: He gets around by an average-sized Lethrblaka.

Physical Description: He is very intimidating, standing at almost seven feet tall. He usually wears gray armor with black shoulder plates and a cape. He has a thin, black helmet with two white spikes at the top left and right, like horns. He carries himself like a true leader. His silver hair reaches just a little past his shoulders, and his eyes a merciless and tinged with insanity. Although he is thin, he is very muscular, able to handle his sword with one hand if need be, but obviously, his blows would be slower and more lopsided. He has thin, silver gauntlets that have a jagged Z on the top of them. His cape flows over his sword, which is positioned on his back to where he could reach over his left shoulder to draw it from it's sheath.

In Shadow form, he is basically a black form of a person. It's a black color of this: ... 16&bih=541link

Dreams for the Future: To take control of the world and help rule it with an iron fist.

Reasons for Dreams: Because he enjoys power and wishes to please Crugan.

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April 20th, 2011, 2:48 am
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Post Re: Zar'rac
Looks good, I accept :D

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April 20th, 2011, 2:41 pm
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Post Re: Zar'rac
And for me as well. Nicely done, FE. I Accept. :D

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