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 Medalanim:Brisineo's chary 
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Post Medalanim:Brisineo's chary
Name: Medalanim (pronouced: Mei-dal-AH-neem)

Age: 159

Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Home/Birthplace: Doru Araeba, Vroengard

Scale Color: Deep Indigo. Also called Blue-Iris

Eye Color: Ice blue ringed around by Midnight Blue

Rider: Solir (disceased)

Parents: Sire- Tel'anir (disceased) Dam- Khala (disceased)

Siblings: 4 (names unknown and all disceased)

Speech- A peculiar trick that she had learned from her Rider, Medalanim is able to manipulate her mouth while using her dragon voice to the point where she can speak like a human. There are particular advantages, and disadvantages to this. One pro to this ability is that she can speak, while at the same time, is guarding her mind. However, her speech is still the speech of a dragon, meaning her voice is a deep snarling rasp that is not only sometimes hard to understand, but also is very intimidating compared to her lighter, more clear mental voice.

Magic- Another trait that she had found when she learned how to speak with her mouth, she found that all she needed was speaking verbal commands in the ancient language, an ability that most dragons cannot achieve, to grant her access to her magical abilities. However, since she is also a dragon, a creature who's veins flow with wild magic, when she uses it, it is highly unstable, uncontrollable, and powerful. She could mutter a simple binding spell and accidentally crush her victim to death; a spell of Brisingr, meant to start a small fire, could instantly become a towering inferno. Her magic is also activated whenever she speaks in the ancient language, so she dares not verbally speak it in fear of something happening that she would regret. Her spells also can become unpredictable and backfire on herself, so she tends to only use magic as a last resort.

Weapons: Teeth as large as a man's torso, claws that can rend a Shrrg wolf in two, fire that can consume a forest in minutes, magic, and twin brightsteel blades on the tip of her tail.

Character Appearance:
Medalanim is a tall, somewhat thin dragon, but a good size for her age. However, she is still very large. One of her large teeth is the size of a grown man's torso; the top of her head reaching over 40 feet into the air, her wingspan even larger at 130 feet wide. Unlike the other dragons that she had met, she is proud of her color. The rich blue-iris color that adorns her scales is not only mystifying, but amazing as well. It is at just the right shade where the blue and violet colors that make the hue seems to separate, and recombine multiple times in different ways as she moves; she appears a very deep and rich blue when highlighted, and when in shadow, dark violet. Her midnight and ice blue eyes almost appear to shine in the dark. Not actually glow, but any hint of light touching them is reflected fully back, making them extremely bright and contrasting to her deep colored scales. This gives her a dangerous, yet beautiful appearance. Her body is unmarked, save for a single linear scar running down the membraine of her right wing, and very muscular from her time running, hunting, and hiding to survive. She also bears an extension of her body that acts as both a weapon and decaration; the spike that tips her tail is magically fused with two ornate silver-blue colored blades, both as sharp as razors and made of brightsteel. It was added on by her Rider soon before his death.

Character Personality:
If you were to describe Medalanim in two words, it would be proud, and solemn. Yet if you had known her before, you would have expected her to be much worse off than what she is now because of what she had been through. Before the Fall, she was a bright, sly, and brilliant dragon for her age that also had a smug, yet friendly attitude. And although hints of that previous side of her peeks through at certain points, it has been mostly lost to the many griefs she had to endure, including the death of her Rider, Solir. Now, she distrusts humans greatly because of the things that she had witnessed from Galbatorix and his ilk, the Forsworn. And also thus, she displays a deep and powerful hatred for the king, any of his servants, and anyone who seeks to take advantages of dragons or magic. However, to those that are still her friends or are able to get her to trust them, she is loyal to a fault. She would never leave their side. Her time in hiding had also shaped her. Causing her to rely more on survival than honor; doing what is nessessary to live. Making her hard and less trusting to others. She gets rather sensitive about her Rider, or any of those that she knew before the Fall, so any talk about them could lead to the unfortunate speaker being pinned down and yelled at in rage. But otherwise, she is level headed and silent most of the time as she looks back to when days were so much brighter.

Character History:
Medalanim started out like many dragons did during the Riders' golden age; paraded through the general poplulace of elves and men until she found someone suitable. In this case, a young elf by the name of Solir. Over their training in Doru Araeba did she find that her Rider held and embraced many of the same things, such as an interest in invention, intuition, and finding solutions to hard problems. They progressed quite quickely through the training, and once they were finished, they went out into the world and helped keep the peace as their duty was for some years. Their abundant success by their combined quick and inventive thinking made them quite famous amongst their fellow Riders and Dragons, and had led to them being offered a higher rank in the Order. However, they asked a favor of Vrael instead. They turned down the offer, and aksed the leader if they could leave and live in peace together. They were too popular, and Vrael trusted them enough to reluctantly accept.

It was then where Medalanim learned how to speak, upon her own studies and experimentation, willed on by her Rider. However, an accident severely injured her Rider upon attempting to speak in the Ancient language, so knowing the danger, she decided to herself and her Rider to use it sparingly, if at all.

Many years passed, and word came out of Galbatorix's rise, along with a summoning by Vrael to help defend Vroengard from impending attack. They came, and helped any way they could. Yet when the dark tyrant came, none of their intuition or creativity saved them from the sight of seeing many dragons die that day.

They were the few remaining ones to survive the first attack. Medalanim prepared for the second wave by allowing her Rider to place the blade extention on her tail. When Galbatorix came again, her Rider was mortally wounded in the fray. In a last ditch effort to save his dragon, Solir used the remainder of his energy to place Medalanim into a deep hibernation-like sleep that hid her mind and made her gain the appearance of death. Upon the death of her Rider, she fell out of the sky like a rock, appearing to have been killed in the battle. She fell into the city, breaking many bones and rending her wing membraine in two, but she survived.

She woke over two months later, her broken bones nearly healed. It took her a while to realize what had happened, and to her horror, she remembered everything, including the fact that her Rider's rotting corpse still sat on her back. After immediately ripping off her saddle, she flew off into the most remote places of the world, in maddening sorrow and grief. However, she slowly recovered, and tried to adapt as the years crept by. She stayed hidden, killing only when she needed to eat, venturing out when she thought it to be safe. She continued to grow into a full grown, deadly creature that had little trust for outsiders. Though now, has she found the strength, courage, and confidence to see what had become of her home, and of Alagaesia.

Weakness/Fear: Being found by Galbatorix. Trusting someone, then being betrayed.

Likes: Creative, inventive solutions or methods. Being able to trust someone.

Dislikes: Galbatorix, the Forsworn, anyone who takes advantage of dragons or magic to cause harm, humans in general, not being able to trust someone.

Dreams for the Future: To venture out into the world and find a reason why she had survived the battle of Vroengard when she would rather be dead. To be able to trust someone, or even just speak to someone again without fearing what they could do. To see Galbatorix's end.

Reasons for Dreams: Ever since her Rider's death, she suffered greatly and had lost trust and hope in many of the people that Galbatorix now leads. After the hundred years in solitude, she yearns desperately for companionship, and revenge. Yet still she knows she is no match for the king, so companionship would be enough. Possibly a chance to escape.

Alliance/Side: None

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