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Post Nemaera
Name: Nemaera

Age:Mid 20’s in appearance (Actual age unknown)

Gender: Female

Skills: Music- She has the ability to transform her voice into something magical that lures animals and other beings to her location (forests, near lakes, etc). Any being with any sort of power or resistance can withstand her voice but it still leaves some memory in them. The effect requires little energy but because of the singing style (holding very long notes and not taking many breaths if any) she is limited in how long she can sing for.

Seductiveness: Able to use her body and further her voice to seduce humans and other intelligible creatures alike. The cost of energy she usually steals from whoever she is seducing if they are normal humans but if she is being self-dependent then the expanse she can use the ability varies from 5-20 minutes or so based on how much energy she uses.
Connectivity to Nature: She is able to sing to trees and plants and change them like most elves but at an accelerated level. They move faster and respond more to her words and singing indirectly to them can make them seek out just her contact. She also uses the ability to camouflage herself (with bushes, trees, etc) when animals and other things come seek her out.
Race: Elf/ Nymph (Siren or something maybe?)

Hair: Glossy black

Eyes: Tri color blue- Outer iris Ultramarine, inner colors of aqua blue and sapphire.

Home Village: Unknown

Parents: None

Siblings: None

Character Personality: Nemaera is mainly selfish she cares for no one but herself. She enjoys tricking humans and other creatures to her location and enjoys watching their reactions to her music. She also enjoys watching them fawn over her. She is a complete loner though she uses humans and others to do and get what she wants (supplies, clothes, food, etc). She is self-centered and shallow with appearances. She spends her time in forests or near lakes or in other parts of nature by herself but often wanders close to roads or other gathering places for humans. She never goes into town but again uses her ability to convince others to go into town for her. She even enjoys listening to herself sing because the magical quality of it is so enticing but she is so used to it she is either used to the effects or became immune to them at some point. She often goes to any body of water to look at her reflection. She thinks that she is beautiful. She is always fixing her appearance or maintaining it so she always looks as good as she can. She never does any work herself and avoids anything that will ever get her dirty or sweaty. She gets bored easily and often moves from place to place in order to find someone or something that will interest her for a time. The one thing that brings her into reality and away from loving herself is nature. She loves being around any kind of plant or natural body of water or anything in nature. She marvels at it’s beauty and it is the one thing that she would protect above anything.

Character History: Nemaera started her life off as any normal elf. She lived in Du Weldenvarden and grew up there. Her parents had moved on to other cities and she was left to fend for herself though other elves always helped her however they could. With elf children being so rare, she mainly spent her time alone until she caught wind of another elf child her age, a boy who had traveled to her town (town or city?) and they almost instantly became good friends. He lived in another town that was relatively close to her and they often snuck out into the woods to spend time with each other. Once they grew up they steadily grew closer until their bond formed something more than friendship. Going to war brought tragedy for them when the elves were faced with a very powerful magician that killed many elves. Her childhood friend faced him and met the same face. Nemaera faced him in a blind rage with a small group of elves that were able to kill him but not without casting a spell on Nemaera that no one was able to figure out. The grief of losing her friend consumed her more than anything the elves had ever seen before and she fled into the deep part of the woods to be alone. She stayed there for a long time but time itself was lost to her then. She felt her personality changing and she knew it was the spell but she did not know how to stop it. With her transformation she felt herself wanting to alter her body as well. She changed her height, and her hair, and other aspects of herself until she looked like how she did currently. She then left Du Weldenvarden but felt that she could not or did not want to be away from the forest any longer. Instead of going back though she traveled to The Spine and stayed there for some time. Her early life did not matter to her anymore at that point and she cared not for anyone but herself. She started in her habits of tricking animals and mainly humans deep into the woods. The animals she would kill for food and the humans she would use her abilities against so they would lavish affection on her and give her anything she wanted and then disappearing from them. She continued like this until present where she travels around to various places using humans to take her in disguise. Sometimes she will let herself become absorbed into nature completely and be free from her body and mind. Those are times when she is truly happy.

Weapons: None

Likes: Beauty, Nature, being loved

Dislikes: Being hated/ thought ugly, Being alone for too long a time

Weakness / Fear: Nature being harmed

Animal Companions: None

Character's Physical Description: She is fairly tall at 5’9’’ with a slender but curvy body. She has glossy black hair that falls in waves to her lower back. Her eyes are tri colored blue and she has full lips with white straight teeth and high arched eyebrows and slightly slanted eyes like they were when she was an elf. She has pale almost white skin and she wears a fitting dress to match. It is short-sleeved and tight to her mid-thigh but slowly gets looser until it falls freely to her mid-calf. She wears no shoes and she has very small feet and all her nails are glossy.

Dreams for the Future: Nothing except to keep finding people to love her

Reason for Dreams: She is self-centered

Alignment/side: Her own

Saphi Laana Draerr Brilyn
Nems Devitria Nemaera

March 6th, 2012, 4:46 pm
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Post Re: Nemaera
Looks good to me. I approve.
I'd call your character an Elf in this respect, with an affinity for singing to plants and animals.

For though I move on, I will always remember you I-L-S.
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March 8th, 2012, 9:18 am
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Post Re: Nemaera
I accept

March 17th, 2012, 5:45 am
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Post Re: Nemaera
Gar, I've been slacking horribly here, and being just plain old busy isn't a good excuse for me. Gah, I Accept as well. Have fun with her, hope to see her in the threads soon. ^^

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April 16th, 2012, 9:38 am
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