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Post Herensuge
Name: - Herensuge

Age: - 7,004 years old.

Gender: - Male

Skills: -
Raw Strength: Herensuge, since his birth has been strong. He has absolutely no magical or any other kind of abilities, so he constantly trains to make himself stronger and tougher than any other dragon he can find, so that he will be able to hold his own against some of the specialist enemies.

Toughness: Through his thousands of fights, skirmishes, and battles has become tougher than imaginable. What would cause another dragon, or like creature to scream in pain, only causes him discomfort. His skin is thick because of the re-healing of his skin through the scars and such, giving him a slight edge when fighting another dragon tooth to claw.

Ferocity: Herensuge is a ferocious fighter. He will pursue enemies to the end of the earth. He will tear and cause you harm until he is either too tired or hurt to do anything more, or until he is literally pulled off of you. He never gives up and is very vengeful.

Divine Might: Herensuge has, in this more than seven thousand years of life discovered that in a time of great distress, or pain, he can call upon a great power. It can re-vitalize him and help him to win. In this state, he is next to unstoppable, but when it wears off, he normally looses consciousness, or is too weak to move for a long time.

Race: - Dragon

Color: - Silver, but mainly white because of his many scars.

Eyes: - Gold.

Home Village: - The large dragon metropolis and fortress of Seraph.

Parents: - Valkrie and Valley.

Siblings: - Kronos and Xemit

Character Personality: - Herensuge is a kind dragon, despite the fact that he is so very ferocious, and vengeful. He is decently smart, but it nothing nearly as smart as many other dragons. He is very hardheaded, and stubborn. He looses his temper easily and loves to fight. He can also very patient and also never gives up. He has never, and as far as he can tell, will never run from a fight and holds his honor and pride above most all other things. He will fight for what is right and rigorously trains himself daily to improve upon his already impressive strength and endurance. He likes to rest, but only for a short time, because he hates laziness and slothfulness. He is a hard worker, but would rather be out scouting. He likes his stepsister, Ramoth and misses Xemit. He rarely sees Kronos, and has no idea if he is still alive or not. He is adventurous and very fun to be with, if you are with him, that is. He has a great curiosity, but normally keeps a face of disgust on his face. Deep beneath his rough exterior, Herensuge is a big softy. He likes to learn and watch the "youthful". He is always practicing, and training to keep himself in top physical condition, to hold his place as leader, protector, and as one of the most powerful fighters in the entire North. He dislikes disrespectfulness, and will not tolerate any insult to him, and even more so to his family, including Ramoth and her children. He misses his mate, and wonders where she went.

Character History: - Herensuge was the second born son of Valkrie and Valley. He lived for five weeks with his mother and father, until he was fledged, then he left. He never felt at home with his older brother, Xemit, and his mother and father, and so he left. He flew aimlessly for days, until he came to the tough lands of the Southeast. When he arrived, his natural curiosity took over. He explored the lands, only barely avoiding death. The small silver dragon had unknowingly come to the toughest; most dangerous lands of the North. For years, he hid, and ate the small mice, squirrels, and other creatures.

His tenth year of age, Herensuge no longer hid. He was no longer afraid, his natural boldness, and bravery compelled him to fight, and kill the evil creatures in his lands. His first encounter was with an ogre. The monstrous ogre had just captured a small golden dragoness, called Glaudusa. The grotesque monster leered evilly at the small dragoness, and that was when Herensuge attacked. He flew into the face of the monster, and put its eyes out with his claws, but before he could dodge, the ogre raked his side with its claws, causing the silver dragon to bleed profusely. However, the silver fought through the pain and eventually slew the ogre. He took the golden dragoness out of the cage and said, Are you ok, I am sorry it took me so long, but he was tougher than he looked. said the silver dragon just before he passed out from blood loss.

It was about three days later that he woke up. The golden dragoness was sitting beside him with a dead deer nearby. She said, Go ahead and eat, you are safe, my name is Glaudusa, and thanks for saving me back there, say, your pretty handsome aren't you. laughed the golden dragoness as she sat close to the silver. She said, You are lucky I know how to use plants to heal, as far as I know we are the only ones out here. Well, we are the only dragons, but there is a valley not far from here, where we could be safe. It is very secluded. said the dragoness as she flew toward it.

Some, two hundred years later, Herensuge and Glaudusa created a beautiful city, made entirely of stone melted with their fire. Dragons began to come there, but not the normal dragons, the dragons that were fighters, the powerful, and the experienced, hey were the ones that came. Soon, the city was named, it was called Seraph. It became the strongest, as far as military prowess land in the North, second to none, however, Herensuge's sense of honor, kept him in something of subjection to his elder brother, so, he trained seven dragons, himself and sent them to guard his brother and his mate. Their descendants are guarding her today. Over the years, Glaudusa eventually became pregnant. Then, for some unknown reason, she disappeared. Herensuge searched for years, until a monstrous attack by the giants, ogres, and the other monstrosities in the land. He was forced to stop searching for his mate and deal with the attack.

The fighting was fierce, and the dragons were losing. The monsters were pressing in on all sides, so Herensuge decided to go into battle himself, against his advisor's wishes, the silvery dragon went to battle, and in the valley of Mora he met them. The battle was fierce, and casualties on both sides were great. But, one warrior stood out among them all, a large silver dragon who was bleeding from a thousand different cuts. He was the one leading the dragons. Nothing could stand against him. Monster after monster fell, until it was nothing but the guard of the queen herself, then she went into battle. She began to kill the dragons brutally, until Herensuge found her. Their battle lasted for days, and both were very tired. Then, the queen cheated! Two of her hidden guards attacked Herensuge and nearly knocked him senseless. He lay on the ground, fighting the urge to fall into the darkness, and then he felt it. It was power, the power of the great ones. He stood with newfound strength and attacked. He ripped the guards apart, and then went for the queen, but before he could get to her, she was whisked away, back to the mountains, hidden from the dragons. Then, Herensuge fell. He lost consciousness.

Some days later he woke. When he woke and saw the carnage and that his mate was gone, he wept. So, having finished his weeping, he got up and directed the re-construction of the villages, towns and cities that had been destructed by the monsters.

Over the next thousands of years, he lead his people well, and defended them though many more attacks and invasions.

Weapons: -
Claws: Herensuge’s claws are long and sharp, only useful for one purpose, fighting. They are a mixture between silver and white, giving them an off aura. He is very skilled in the use of these weapons because of the fact that he left home and attacked and eventually took the toughest of the Northlands from the meanest creatures, giants and ogres.
Teeth: Herensuge’s teeth are sharp as knives. They can cut through most any armor, or hide. His teeth are chipped, and in some places broken from the many battles he has been in.
Fire: Herensuge’s fire is normal for a dragon. It is a red color, and is able to melt all kinds of substances, other than the strongest of Steel and magically protected armor.

Likes: - Fighting, eating, hunting, training, and killing evil.

Dislikes: - Darkness, weakness, and fleeing.

Animal Companions: - None.

Character’s Physical Description: - Herensuge is a large dragon, well muscled, but his silvery scales are barely seeable because of the literally thousands of scars covering his body. His eyes are gold. He has large silver/white claws and teeth. His arms and legs are white, because of the scars covering the once silver scales. He has a large tail that is like a rudder for his sizeable wings. His wings are large, but he is a very slow and ungainly flyer, he is more suited to on the ground fighting, and normally uses his wings to buffet others.

Dreams for the Future: - To protect those dragons under his rule and to wipe out all evidence of evil.

Reasons for Dreams: - He cares for them and hates Evil.

Alignment/Side: - Good

OOC: Yes, I know there is a lotso no real hurry, RPG Team, I understand, lol.


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November 7th, 2009, 3:57 pm
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Post Re: Herensuge
So Gornath's father's entering the rps, is he? Well, I Accept. Nice work.



And I'm watching out for your charries, ILS.

November 8th, 2009, 12:03 am
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Post Re: Herensuge
I accept :)

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November 8th, 2009, 10:56 pm
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Post Re: Herensuge
Seriously, how do fit all these characters in your signature?

Accepted by the way.

For though I move on, I will always remember you I-L-S.
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November 9th, 2009, 1:08 am
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