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Post Nems
Name: - Nems

Age:- Unknown

Gender: - Male

Skills: Energy fighting- His energy is much stronger than many creatures and he is able to focus it into different forms such as blasts or balls of energy. The bigger and stronger the energy he lets out, the more strength he uses so he has to have another means of fighting.

Daggers- He is very well trained with his two special daggers that he uses, able to adapt to different situations and use them to counteract almost any opponent.

Uncontrollable rage- He knows nothing of this ability other than it happens and no one has survived it yet. He becomes unaware of everything around him and he can only guess that his strength and skills increase dramatically and that he is virtually unstoppable but he has no control over what he does. It leaves him very very weak afterwords and can take at least a day for him to recover.

Race: - Unknown

Hair: - Black and would be long enough to hang just below his eyes but is naturally spiked up.

Eyes: - Pure white.

Home Village: - Unknown

Parents: - Never knew their names.

Siblings: - None

Character Personality: Dark and mysterious and very intelligent. He understands things on a much deeper level than most people do such as how animals do things and how human bodies work. He does not care for them but he keeps the knowledge to be able to quickly dispose of any enemy. He does not accept any other living company and is not afraid of anything to get what he wants. He will let nothing get in his way and is even willing to kill if that is what it will take. He feels no remorse for the beings that become his victims and even has a slight pleasure in being able to dispose of his enemies so easily. He very much enjoys fighting and even though his opponents have always been much weaker than him, he finds new ways to use his weapons and his energy power. He does not feel emotions often except when killing, and when people aggravate him. He is not easily angered but when he is he can go into an uncontrollable state where he will leave nothing in his path and everything destroyed to dust. He is intrigued by other people with powers and even though he has encountered very few of them, they are the rare beings that he will not kill straight away. In order to make himself even more powerful, he will take them to extract any information that he can on how their powers work and how best he can acquire them. He finds dragons most fascinating of all and knows that one day he will find a dragon and claim it for his own whether it already has a rider or not and use it to further his desires. Though he doesn’t have any true desires, he just does whatever his whim is at the time which is usually finding some new way to kill and make himself stronger. He likes his privacy and enjoys spreading fear in the people that he knows he will kill. When he goes into villages for minor supplies, he will kill every last being that is there and spare no one. He truly is evil through and through and knows it. He finds nothing and no one is worth his time but is eager to one day find someone who can match his skills and give him some sort of challenge. He is confident in himself and slightly cocky, and knowing that he does whatever he wants.

Character History: He can remember everything from his past perfectly. Even as a baby he was able to remember his actions and what went on around him. When he was born, he was a very different baby. His parents had been some kind of doctors or scientists or something and most of their experiments were on themselves. So, when their new baby boy came out with small horns and blue skin it didn’t surprise them but they were never going to expect how very crude and evil he would turn out to be. Through his childhood he was very destructive and mean towards everyone around him, including his parents. He aged and matured much faster than he should have and by the time he was about the age of a ten year old, he committed his first crime. He had never gotten along with his parents and one day they made him so angry that he flew into his first rage and killed his parents. He was pretty pleases that he was now rid of these annoying burdens and spent the next years of his life doing whatever he wanted. The first thing he did was learn how to fight. He went all around until he found a smith who could craft him the kind of weapon he desired before killing him in cold blood. He then spent the next few years in the wilderness learning how to perfect his weapon skills before learning of his energy ability. He was having a particularly hard day with his weapons and got so frustrated that his energy built up inside him and then left altogether. It left the trees above him in flame and a crater down below. He then spent his time perfecting this new ability along with his weapon skill, praying on any kind of wildlife to test his strength on along with any passerby that might wander onto his path. He had no baring for time and didn’t know how long he spent in the places he went because of how fast his body matured and had no reason to keep track of time. He spent his time after that doing what he pleased and going wherever he wanted. At one point it had reached word to Galbatorix of his power and the old fool tried recruiting him for his services. He would serve no man and sent back the mangled corpses of his men as a response. He now goes wherever he wants and does whatever he can to appease him and spend his time.

Weapons: Two daggers that he uses at once. The hilt is plain and wrapped in a leather covering. The blade is a silver with blood red designs that matches his skin much like these. ... 66&bih=575

Likes- Making people fear him, the darkness, killing.

Dislikes: - Anything nice like flowers the sun, etc.

Weakness / Fear: - That there possibly could be someone out there who could kill or enslave him.

Animal Companions: - None

Character's Physical Description: He has fairly short spiky hair and blue skin. He has high cheekbones and thin slanted eyebrows above his pure white eyes. His teeth are slightly sharpened but not so much that they look demonic set inside a small mouth with thin lips. He has small pointed ears and horns like below. He stands at 5’9 and has a strong muscular body. When he uses his energy techniques, his skin glows white with a strange design very much alike to what is on his weapons. He wears a black leather jerkin and black pants that he can easily move and fight in. He wears no shoes and has a plain black belt to hold his daggers. He keeps no bag or jewelry but stays rather plain and keeps a black hooded cape if he needs to go into any populated area and wants to put an air of mystery around him. ... 66&bih=575 – Horns ... 29,r:0,s:0 - Jerkin

Dreams for the Future: - To gain any strength or new abilities that he can.

Reason for Dreams: - So he can be the strongest being alive.

Alignment/side: - His own side.

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January 10th, 2011, 9:10 pm
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Post Re: Nems
An interesting charry, and well-done bio, gomenesigh. I Accept. :)



And I'm watching out for your charries, ILS.

January 11th, 2011, 11:07 pm
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Post Re: Nems
Lookgs good, I accept :D

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January 13th, 2011, 3:27 pm
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Post Re: Nems
Well done. I Accept. Have fun with your new charry. :)

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January 13th, 2011, 4:40 pm
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Post Re: Nems
Your character can now be RP'ed with. :)

(I'm moving topics for the RPG people)

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February 3rd, 2011, 3:23 am
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