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Post Tyran
Alright, prepare for some scaryness, because it is time to show my evil side. . . :twisted:

Name: Tyran Zervanadel

Age: Technically 345, but stopped aging at the age of 45.

Gender: Male


Sorcery - Tyran, because of his demonic power, can control spirits of any type, and of any power to do his bidding. He is constantly surrounded by spirits, and by using them, can manipulate their energies to perform magic without the need of physical energy, or words in the ancient language. Many times the spells he uses depends on the type of spirits he uses to create them.

Teleportation - Like a Shade, Tyran can teleport wherever he likes. Though, he is physically weakened by the journey for a short period of time, so he prefers to travel by normal means unless in dire circumstances. The teleportation produces a bright, fiery explosion, both when disappearing and reappearing, so it can also be used as a useful weapon.

Empath - Tyran can feel the spiritual energy of the people around him, and thus, can feel their emotions without having to break into their minds. This also allows him to press his own emotions and thoughts into other people without them even noticing. Those with weak minds or energy (Non-magical humans or dwarves) he can manipulate with this power to do his will.

Energy-drain/Energy-imbue - When Tyran touches a living thing, he becomes connected with that thing's energy. He then has the choice to either drain or grant energy into the living object. In the extreme cases of both, the object in question dies. The object shriveling up and dying due to lack of energy when drained, and when granted too much energy, the object spontaneously bursts into flames and disintegrates.

Demonic Form - As a last resort, Tyran can temporarily change from his human form, into the a physical manefestation of the demon that possessed him: a black, horn covered, reptilian humanoid with purple flames eminating from his wrists and ankles, around his head like a maine, and on the tip of his tail. This form is incredibly powerful, yet short lived, and leaves Tyran severely vulnerable and weak for some time after.

Race: Demon possessed Human

Hair: Hidden by helmet

Eyes: Hidden by helmet

Height: 7' 2"

Home city: The body that Tyran inhabits came originally from Illrea, and the demon's origin's are unknown. Most say that it was some dark god of chaos and evil which had escaped from the deepest recesses of the Void, wanting revenge against the other Gods by destroying their creations.

Parents: Forgot when possessed.

Siblings: Forgot when possessed.

Personality: Tyran is a man that could be considered crazy by some, insulting by others, and evil by all. He is a demon solely bent on creating chaos, destroying all in his path, and all in all, watching the world burn just to laugh in the firelight. Tyran is a cold, calculating killer, and is notorious for his patience, persistence, and ability to set off chain reactions in his plans that would create results far after the start.
Tyran commonly likes to insult his enemies. Usually using his ability as an Empath to feel what they fear and use it against them, and causing them to make a mistake, normally fatal, in the anger and fear that strikes them afterwards. Though, many times Tyran's plans call for alliances and he will do such when necessary. But know that all of them are false, and he certainly enjoys the day when he finally turns on his friends and stabs them in the back.
Another thing that Tyran is feared for is when he laughs at another's pain. He loves to torture those in his grip, and to savor every moment, will prolong the unfortunate victim's life as long as he can. His laugh is a weapon in of itself. Insane, cruel, and terrifying, his laughter has sent chills of fear throughout the bodies of even the most courageous men. Tyran absolutely hates beings that have magic running in their blood, such as dragons and elves. He wishes the dragons extinct most out of all races.

History: Tyran wasn't always known as Tyran. He once was a man by the name of Dominic, living peacefully in Illrea during the time of the Riders. The exact history and personality he had is unknown, but as the legend goes, he had a wife, and a fairly large estate in the inner ring of the city. He had apparently angered a society of magicians living under the radar one day, (The circumstances and how he angered them are unknown) and they had payed him back by kidnapping him and his wife, taking them to their hidden hideout. They were brutally tortured, and after his wife died from her injuries, they took him out to the dangerous Hadarac Desert, and left him to die.

Mutilated, maimed, and near death, Dominic laid there, awaiting his death, mourning the death of his wife and crying for what could have been the rest of his life. Then, he heard a voice call to him from the distance. He didn't know what it was, but he called for help. The voice grew closer and closer, until it sounded like it was standing above him. Though, he could see nothing.

He called once more to the being that was calling him, and then there was an answer. The voice asked him if he desired revenge against the ones that killed his wife and left him to die. Of course, Dominic agreed. The voice then questioned him again, asking whether he would accept any and all consequences that would come with it. Dominic foolishly agreed again, wishing anything but death. The sand twisted around him, and the sun darkened in answer. A dark, humanoid shadow with glowing red eyes appeared to him. Dominic could do nothing, as the being then stepped forwards, and possessed him.

The earth shook, and a powerful explosion was created, leaving a crater in the sand. The being that stood in the center of the crater was Tyran. He was taller, stronger, faster, and immortal from the evil that now flowed through his body. His human memory was erased from the possession, replaced by the entity's mind, and he stood already in his armor and lusting for the blood of the world. Tyran though remembered his promise to his former human body, and he did fulfill it. The magicians fell like wheat to a scythe, and much of the area was destroyed. The Rider's responded quickly, but Tyran was gone when they examined the area.

Tyran's next goal was to create the final end of the creatures he hated beyond anything else in the world. The Dragons. Of course, he was quick to come up with a long set plan, and began to act on it immediately. He first started with the total obliteration of villages in the countryside to gain the Rider's attention. Then, he began to make much of the carnage seem like it was done by a dragon. Many more small, unknown details he finished, along with gaining a very feared reputation, before he deemed his work done for the time, and let the chain of events continue on. He went into hiding for three hundred years, watching steadily as his actions slowly took their toll, which ultimately led to the Fall of the Riders and the near extinction of the Dragons. You could even say that Galbatorix was his brain child.

Now, Tyran has now emerged from hiding, and to finish what he has started. To destroy the Dragons once and for all.


-Two hand-and-a-half swords, with the same physical appearance and properties as Rider's swords. The blades though have more features than a normal Rider's sword. Such as the ability to burn flesh on contact, and with notches at the bottom quarter of the blade which can catch swords and twist out of the opponent's hand, or to create jagged, painful wounds. The swords' color is a deep Red-Orange. Tyran is a very dangerous fighter with these swords, using inhuman speed, flexibility, and strength to his advantage; striking with unrelenting combos, hitting at odd angles, and striking at his opponent's weak spots.

-A large flask of Seithr Oil. Usually used for torturing someone who he has in his grasp.

-And a long dagger with an attachment that can hold either poison or Seithr Oil.

Likes: Causing chaos, insulting others, laughing at the pain and torment of life, and watching as civilization falls into disarray under his power.

Dislikes: People who present a challenge, others who claim to be evil because they want power, and those that get in his way.

Fears/Weaknesses: A plan going awry, and someone who has the power to defeat him.

Animal Companions: None

Character's Physical Description:
Click here for a pen and marker drawing I made of him a while back.

Tyran stands at an intimidating 7' 2", and his armor makes it more so. He wears a spiked helm, form fitted, and without eye slits, or any other features apart from the crown of blades that dons it, since he senses the world around him by the spirits that dwell within him. His shoulders are covered by a very incandescent, greenish metal, and all the metal armor he wears is covered in black, brown, gold, and red fabrics, apart from his spiked grieves, bracers, and the little mail that can be seen on his arms and legs. A large, dark cape flows behind him, and a golden flame insignia is inscribed on his tunic.

Dreams for the Future: First to kill off the Dragons, then to eliminate the elves, before destroying all life in Alagaesia. Eventually, he plans to destroy all life in the world.

Reasons for Dreams: To simply enjoy the destruction of life. Some legends say that it is out of spite for the Gods and their creations who had originally imprisoned the demon, so he wishes to destroy everything that they had created to get back at them. Particularly the ones that were blessed with magic.

Alignment/Side: None.

Brisineo and Vedrian Calem
Medalanim Nesa
Tyran Vaerin
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February 13th, 2011, 2:38 am
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Post Re: Tyran
Looks like an interesting character. I accept.

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February 15th, 2011, 1:56 am
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Post Re: Tyran
Looks alright to me as well. Iaras is curious of him; their meeting should prove interesting. I Accept. :)

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February 15th, 2011, 2:02 am
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Post Re: Tyran
Looks good to me, I accept :D

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February 15th, 2011, 9:52 pm
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Post Re: Tyran
Your character has been accepted, enjoy! :)

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February 16th, 2011, 4:09 am
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