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Post Zereldn
Since I accidentally deleted him (completely not sure how), I guess I shall remake him. :?

Name: Zereldn

Age: Eight, but he will grow as he RPs.

Gender: Male


Magic and Ancient Language: Since he is half-human, he can use the Ancient Language willingly. He also has a very strong attachment to fire. He's not sure if it's because he is part dragon, or because he knows magic, but he can shoot torrents of fire out of his feet, jaw, and hands. When serious in a fight, he can create large infernos, but is extremely exhausted afterwards. He also has a strong resistance to fire, and it doesn't hurt him unless in very large amounts.

Fighting: Since he can't grope a sword well, he trains himself in martial arts, and he is very skilled in it. He has the strength of a dragon, although he cannot fly as fast as one. However, he is faster and more agile than a dragon on ground because he is smaller and has more control over his body. He can also shift and turn his wings to increase his fighting ability. He has high endurance, and is able to run for miles without stopping.

Race: Draconian; half-dragon and half-human.

Scales: He has black scales but the wings are trimmed with yellow color.

Eyes: Black in the center, and is surrounded by yellow.

Home Village: He hasn't really lived in any place long enough to call it home, but he was born in Du Fells Nangorath.

Parents: Bulock, his father, and Lina, his mother. They are both deceased.

Siblings: Aelia, his sister, also deceased.

Personality: Zereldn is pretty reserved, as well as quick to defend his race. Because of his parent's and sister's deaths, he is somewhat slow to get close to anyone. However, he still longs for friends and to see another member of his race, almost to just feel relieved that there are still remnants of his race left. He wishes vengeance upon those who killed his family and those who attack him just because he isn't fully human, or because he isn't fully dragon. He loved his family, and was torn apart emotionally when they died. He has little control over his anger when it comes to insulting his race, and will lash out at someone depending on what they say about Draconians. Other than that, he is generally calm and quiet. Even if others don't think he has a right to be, he is proud of his race. He has a strong connection with nature, and has an interest in animals. Currently, his only friend is Oliver, and Zereldn considers Oliver kind and uncaring of what race others on, which is all Zereldn wants people to be like, but he knows that that is a very difficult dream. Zereldn, while not as wise as a dragon his age, is much more wise than a human his age, and always enjoys a good fight.

History: As soon as Zereldn was born, they had moved from Du Fells Nagorath to a safer location. Zereldn wasn't sure why, and hadn't been for three years. When he asked, his parents only replied that it was for the best. At age four, when he found out what had kept them moving and staying isolated from others, he would have run out of the house to confront all who discriminated against his race if it hadn't been for his parents, who stopped him before he got thirty yards outside of the house.

Then, one day, years of hiding and evading had been wasted, and it was all in one day. Bulock had been training with Zereldn and Lina had been training with Aelia. This was how things went: the father trained with the son, and the mother trained with the daughter. Then, once both parents decided their offspring were done training, the son would fight against the daughter to be considered the Successor of the family's belongings. So they had been training, and when they came in to their home, they discovered that their belongings were trashed and thrown everywhere. They had searched for the culprit, but never found him. Then, that night, a group of Elves who were against Draconians came and killed Zereldn's parents very silently. It wasn't until the assassins entered Zereldn's room had he realized that something was terribly wrong. He and his sister fought against the Elves, but there were at least six of them, and his sister died in the battle. Zereldn would have died too if he hadn't went through an uncontrollable rage that inspired the strength and skill of his fire, and he, unable to control it all then, accidentally burned the house down. Zereldn lay in the middle of all of the rubble, convinced he had no other reason to live.

Several minutes later, a man came with several others, and pulled Zereldn out of all the rubble. Zereldn regained consciousness and saw that he was in some hospitable bed in an average-sized tent. The man who saved him was sitting in a bed across from Zereldn, and upon Zereldn's wakening, the man jumped up and hirriedly ran over to Zereldn. The man had realized that he was too late and apologized multiple times to Zereldn. When asked why he apologized, the man replied that, "I was the guardian of your family, sent by the Varden. Everything seemed normal one minute, and then later, he looked outside and saw the house had burned down. He said that his name was Oliver. Zereldn thanked him, Oliver told Zereldn that he would be in full recovery in two days. True to Oliver's word, Zereldn felt fine two days later, and ever since, he has been faithfully serving the Varden, evading the Empire in case he ever get spotted and possibly captured.

Weapons: Two Brightsteel Gauntlets smithed by Rhunon, specifically for him before they left Du Fells Nangorath. On the gauntlets, where a human's fingernail would be are talons. Zereldn isn't sure how, but the gauntlets are enchanted to where they can freeze an inanimate object by extending energy through the gauntlet(s). He can't freeze any moving people with this, but he can give them a terrible freezer burn not unrelated to dry ice.

Likes: Oliver, his race

Dislikes: Anyone who discriminates against his race.

Fears/Weaknesses: That he will never get revenge for his parents or that one day, the Empire will capture him.

Physical Description: Zereldn stands at 7'2", and has a wingspan of twenty feet. His entire body is made up of hard, black scales, and his wings are trimmed with a yellow color. His arms, body, legs, and head are bigger than an average human's but smaller than a dragon's, and instead of fingernails, he has talons. He is very strong and quick physically, and his eyes almost show how lonely he is.

Dreams: To avenge his family and stop the discrimination of his race.

Reasons for Dreams: His parents were killed because they were Draconians, and that's not something they should be killed for or be ashamed of.

Alignment: The Varden.

Tell me if there is anything I am missing


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March 22nd, 2011, 1:08 am
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Post Re: Zereldn
OOC: Looks really good to me. I wonder how he'd get along with my draconian character =) Anyway, I accept :D

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March 22nd, 2011, 1:37 am
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Post Re: Zereldn
Mmmm... I accept as well.

For though I move on, I will always remember you I-L-S.
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March 25th, 2011, 3:45 am
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Post Re: Zereldn
And well done. He looks very interesting. I Accept. 8)

Your bio has been moved. Enjoy. :D

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March 25th, 2011, 5:34 am
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