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 Questions I have from Reading Eragon 
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Post Questions I have from Reading Eragon
Ok so I've read eragon at least 10 times but this time, I read it analyzing every sentence. And I ended up with a lot of questions that, even with my knowledge of all 4 books, I could not answer. I will post all the questions here and hope that some of you who probably know more about the series than I do, can answer them.
1. How were they able to tell time in the series? I understand that they probably just didn't have calendars so they got good at remembering the dates and such, but how did eragon know which day specifically his mother came to carvahall pregnant 16 years later?
2. Did they have plumbing at this point and time?
3. Why did Selena name her son after the first dragon rider?
4. How did saphira recognize the razac for who they were "Murderers, Oath Breakers". would this be due to her ancient dragon instincts?
5. Why did saphira say "because of the slaughter at doru areaba?"
6. What COULD have been the words eragon said to himself in the cathedral of dras leona in front of the alter?
7. What were the 7 words in the ancient language given to eragon by brom on his death bed and were these the same words eragon spoke when the fragments of the shade's mind invaded him after he defeated durza?
8. Why didn't brom simply tell saphira the location of the varden instead of just telling her to go to gil'ead and talk to dormnad?
9. How did murtagh know the varden were somewhere in the east(when he and eragon were discussing what route to take to get to safety?
10. Why didn't the razac chase eragon after they ambushed him? Didnt the king still want them to bring him?
11. Was the strange nature of arya's mind the reason why eragon miscalculated the distance from the beors to the varden? He said that it was even longer than from where they were back to gil'ead but looking at a map of alagaesia and assuming eragon and murtagh were somewhere on the west corner of the beors, it's at most HALF the distance from where they were to the varden, relative to gil'ead.
12. did eragon manage to go through tautha de orithrim by the time brom died?
13. From who did angela learn of brom's relationship with selena?(this was when eragon talked to angela in tronjheim in her secret room)
14. Why was ajihad so worried that galbatorix would include his own men in the invasion along with the urgals in the invasion of farthen dur?
15. What is the significance of the symbol of the varden? (the dragon, the rose, the sword and the purple field)
16. And finally, why did the story of the twins fighting off a group of urgals somewhere else in tronjheim sound wrong to eragon?

Thank You. I hope some fans can answer at least a few of these questions.

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Post Re: Questions I have from Reading Eragon
Well I can answer 4 for you. Its because she was still conscious and aware of her surroundings while in her egg. That would give her limited knowledge of their misdeeds.

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